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    Hello girls,

    Just a quick query re: Constipation in a S26 Gold fed 10 week old. I've been told when their poo's are like pellets it means they are constipated.

    So, the doctor said to water down her formula a little more and give her Coloxyl though on some occasions it doesnt seem to help. Sometimes she does little pellets and others it's a great big 'toothpaste consistency' mess everywhere! She averages about 2/3 poos a day.

    Any advice would be greatly appreicated!

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    Hi Susan,

    My DS had constipation after using the S26 Gold - he usually has the normal S26, but someone gave us a tin of the Gold stuff, and after a few days of being on that he became really constipated. I mentioned it to my doctor, who said that the Gold versions of formula can sometimes make babies constipated, and the normal versions are often better (he didn't really elaborate why exactly...) Anyway, we switched him back to the normal stuff and he was fine within a few days.

    Maybe worth trying the normal S26? Or even a different brand? We used the coloxyl drops too, and they seem to work eventually.


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    The only other thing I can think of is giving some small bottles of cooled boiled water in the meantime to help soften things up. Matilda went on some medications that caused constipation at 6 weeks even though she was breastfed & we would give 50mls with 1/4 tsp of brown sugar & that helped move things along as well. But she would go an entire day without having a poo. Good luck!

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    Mackenzie was a constipated baby and I found coloxyl drops and water to be only solution for her. I offered water before every bottle (not a lot as she was only young) and then the bottle. It seemed to work for her but she was on different formula. Maybe ring the 1800 help line number on the formula and see if there is any reason for the constipation and if they can offer an alternative formula?

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