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    Default Constipation

    Does anyone know what I can do for an 8 week old baby who is constipated?? Is there anything I can give him to help him? I have tried the massage, warm bath, moving his legs etc. He is quite uncomfortable and want to help him but dont know what else to do or give him. He is formula fed (S26).

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    I would give some warm boiled water. If bubs wont take it, make the formula bit watery. What I did was say I was feeding 100mls of formula, I'd put the same amount of scoops in but put 120mls of water or maybe just 110mls. Maybe do that for every second feed or so. xo

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    [url=]Here[/url] is another thread where we discussed constipation & formula feeding. I found the cooled boiled water trick to be great as well as adding half a tsp of brown sugar to 50mls of cooled boiled water.

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    I was going to say the same as Christy, cooled boiled water with a tsp of brown sugar, always worked a treat with my babies.

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    We add brown sugar as well to either boiled water or to liv's formula. There are some days when it can take up to 3 bottles with sugar added before we see results so don't be alarmed if it takes some time to work. Good luck

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    My dr recommended watering down baby apple juice (which is already watered down but seeing as she's a bit younger than when they'd normally start on juice she wanted it watered down further) and it has worked a treat. No more straining and definatley no more pebble poo's!

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    Default constipation issue resolved???

    Hi Delta Blue,

    I hope the constipation problem has been resolved with your little one. My two little ones have also experienced severe constipation in the past and, brace yourself, this may sound cruel or gross but it was the only thing that worked! I tried EVERYTHING! Everything that was suggested above and many more other 'helpful hints'. Nothing worked and the best advise I received was from the 'Unsettled Babies Clinic' at the RCH in Melbourne which was - a cotton bud and some olive oil! Ask your doctor about it before you think of trying it - the external and internal lubrication helps. Please note, you do NOT insert the cotton bud into the baby's bum, rather just VERY gently stimulate around the bum. Again, please speak to a dr before you try it - maybe s/he can show you how to do it first. It always worked with my children. As they get older, if the problem persists you may just have to help the process by massaging their bums and pulling the poo out! I'm sorry if this all sounds graphic but I spent months going out of my mind with this problem until I tried the above. If it is done correctly it is safe and a sure relief for the, you're not giving the baby anything that takes time to wean off! Good luck....

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