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    Hi All,

    My 4 month old Liam has reflux. He has been on Gaviscon and now Zantac. Until recently he has been taking Infants Friend for Colic (which seems to have subsided), so constipation was not really an issue. I did, however, notice it when he was on Gaviscon and was the reason for the change. I am unsure whether Zantac is the issue or whether it is his formula, Karicare Gold. A friend of mine suggested that I try him on Nan Easy Digest. Does anyone have any thoughts / experiences?? Thanks.

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    Colleen Guest

    Hmm Im not really sure about the Nan Easy Digest, I havent personally had this experience.

    Jaykob however didnt have a bowel movement for 11 days and I found out that was totally normal, a BF bub can go up to 14 days.

    But I suggest you maybe give your health nurse a call?
    They might be able to give you some advice?

    Good Luck with it!


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    I'm so sorry I've missed this post alltogether #-o Matilda got constipated when on gaviscon as well and went onto Zantac, which helped her constipation instantly. On the Karicare, Matilda was on the thickened formula when she did have it (she was bf with comp feeds, for the first 16 weeks) She was on the Karicare AR which is the thickened formula for reflux. When she went fully formula she started getting blocked up again and we changed her to the Karicare HA AR which is an easier to digest thickened formula. When she was 8-9 months we changed her over to the NAN HA which is not thickened but still easier to digest as she wasn't as refluxy but found she wasn't able to handle the regular formula. The NAN HA is an Easy Digest formula and it worked wonders... she went to the NAN 2HA for older babies.... She's been having gastro problems again atm and is back on the NAN 2HA....

    I was told about all the differences to formulas by the ECHN and other mums with refluxy babies. I found a support group in our city that had mums with bubs with reflux get together for a morning tea to get together and chat. HERE is a link to a discussion we've had here on BellyBelly about reflux & I'm sure we've discussed formula's & poos in great detail

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    Nich01 Guest

    Thanks so much for the reply.... I started him on Nan Gold HA today - and I have noticed less vomit already (may be coincidence of course). We will have to wait and see how the other end goes though... I spoke to the MCHN and she suggested that the constipation would be related to the zantac rather than the formula, but that an 'easy digest' formula may help.

    Thanks again, and I will check out the other forum that you mentioned....