thread: constipation in 4month bf bub

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    constipation in 4month bf bub

    any suggestions to help 4 month old only breastfed bub poo.. he is definitely uncomfortable until he does one.. is very windy and cries have tried chamomile tea.. water.. thinking if i should visit a chiro? have also cut down on dairy in my diet

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    It is unlikely to be constipation - bf babies really don't get constipation - it is extremely rare. When the poo comes, what is the consistency? How long is he going between poos?

    The best thing is try all the usual wind remedies - cycling the legs, rubbing the tummy gently, maybe some Brauers drops, or Infacol or one of those.

    GL hun.

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    BF babies are really not prone to constipation. I agree with MR ... sounds more like wind/gas. Also don't think dairy in you diet is the problem ... btw ... you need the calsium from the dairy.

    Try a babymassage ... usually if you massage their tummies some of the bubbles comes out or move and they are more comfy

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    Have you found cutting down on dairy has helped? Unfortunately if dairy is an issue, you probably will need to cut it out totally. The only way to know is to go off it for at least 3 weeks, and that includes foods with milk solids in them (and there are a surpisingly large number of these so it's very hard to do). There are other sources of calcium, so it's do-able, but really tough.

    Most of the time babies do grow out of this by around 4 months, so it could be that you're right at the end anyway. I hope so!

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    Firstly darl is it a hard poo that comes out? If it is then it could very well be an intollerence to something you are eating as BF babies don't tend to get constipation.
    If it isn't hard then it is probably not that. It might be reflux or wind. Jaidan was a terrible baby at that age, he was still BF but would scream the house down until he pooped, which was always runny. Luckily he grew out of it by 5 months. It was horrible. I put it down to windy pains and hating the feeling of doing a poo.