thread: The cost of Childcare

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    The cost of Childcare

    I was wondering if people could possibly enlighten me as to how much they have been charged for Childcare for their kids? Ie. What was the daily rate...
    and also does anyone know much about the Centrelink Childcare rebate?
    How does one qualify for it, and how much money do you end up getting back?
    And one last question - how much is it to put a child into Family Day Care for a day?...

    I am just looking to hear some basic examples, as I am about to get into gear and work out my options of where and what type of care I should put Aidyn into next year (2 days per week) when I go to study part-time (thats if I get into my course)


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    I pay just over $17 for Kimberley to go one day aweek.

    With Centrelink Childcare rebate it depends on how much your partner or you earn.
    We get a 88.46% rebate from them. It would cost $51.50 a day if i did not get the rebate.

    Not able to help with the other questions sorry.

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    I don't send my boys yet, but I did recently look into it with center link.
    The rebate works like the medicare system. Daycare's have a scheduled rate of $2.80 per child per hour. the rebate covers what ever % you are entiled to and then you pay the gap. So the daycare may actually charge say $6 per child per hour. Family daycare is ALOT cheaper as they tend to charge closer to the scheduled amount.

    There is also a thing called the JETS rebate. This is organised through centerlink. People who are studying or recieving a centrelink payment are elidgable (sp?) to apply for the JETS rebate. This covers the gap that you would normally pay. You do need to pay something to contribute to the cost but apparently its like $2.

    Once you know what % you are entitiled to get through the childcare rebate thing, you just ring around and tell the daycare and they will be able to tell you what you will be paying (the difference).

    From what I know without any rebate the general cost of childcare at centers seems to be anywere from $40 to $60 a day per child. If your child is only going half a day you still have to pay the full day rate as they loose a spot for another child once your child is there, regardless of how long they stay. also you still have to pay if your child is sick and doesn't go.

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    We put Nicholas into daycare/childcare one day a week and it costs us $51 a day. I have applied for the cheaper rate but the minimum amount just incase Rob earns more than what I estimated, so we will be now paying roughly $41 a day, but if Rob earns less we will get a lump sum back at the end of the financial year.

    If you go onto the Family Assistance website you can oorganise everything there, as in apply for cheaper child care etc...

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    The centre Matilda used to go to was $46 a day including all food and wipes and we got a %30 discount, so we paid around $33 a day. Now that she is in family day care it is $4.50 an hour + a $5.00 fee per week. So she is in 8 hours on Monday & 6 hours Wed so we pay for the 14 hours and receive the %30 discount. Our discount is paid directly to the carer so we don't pay the entire amount to them but the gov gives them money ykwim?