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Thread: Cot Gymnast - How To Stop

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    Sorry nox - didn't explain that too well. In her bassinette, I used to tuck her in really snuggly with her soft furry blanket. But when I first put her in the cot, I used to just pop her under her doona and that's when she started wriggling around. So then I put her in a sleeping bag which stopped the wriggling and I think she missed the snug feeling she got from having limited space in her bassinette. Then when I stopped using the sleeping bag I figured maybe she was missing her soft furry blanket. So now I tuck her under her doona and put her blanket next to her head - she normally grabs it and plays with it for a bit or rubs her face against it - seems to find it comforting.

    At night I use a romper or jim jams.

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    Ahhh cool

    I only have cotton blankets in his cot at the moment. He sleeps really well in our bed without us and I sometimes put a doona on him then and never the sleeping bag. I htink I may give the gab a miss once I put him back in the cot and see if that helps. A doona for the cot is another idea ...
    How old is you DD?

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