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Thread: Coughing *yawn*

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    Default Coughing *yawn*

    For the past 2 nights, Aidan has been coughing from around 1am right up until about 7am. He is on antibiotics for an ear infection but I am wondering if anyone has any suggestios to give us all some relief?! He is 11months old so nothing too potent.

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    Pietta Guest


    Hi Jessica-
    We use Dimetapp for babies and have done since Ryley was 10 months- its not supposed to be until one but it worked a treat for him and still does- I only remembered this coz Ryley is coughing at night too atm *yawn*

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    I also use Dimetapp on Alexander as soon as he starts coughing at night i reach for that and he is always better in a few days

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    Kellee Guest


    Sorry to hear that bub is crook. Maybe a bit of Euky Bear Rub or Vick's Baby Balsam might settle him down a bit too? Hope you find something that works for you.

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