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    Colleen Guest


    Ok this might be a silly ? but hes never done this before..

    Jaykob keeps waking up with this terrible "empty" cough.. IYKWIM? Like a bark? Its hard to explain! lol but it scares the **** out of him and im so worried to put him in his cot, so i have him (in my arms at present) but will prob. take him into our bed ( we co sleep anyway)

    So is it just a run of the mill cough? Jaykobs never had a cold or a cough in his 8.5 months of life so this is new to me..

    What can I give him for it ? Whats Whooping Cough ( i doubt he has this but curious so may aswell ask all this at once lol)



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    katanya Guest

    Colleen, does he have a temperature with the cough? Or did he have a cold leading up to it?
    Because I looked up my baby medical book and it says that a cold can caus coughing..if there is fever or he has trouble breathing or looking unwell then take him to the doctor immeadiately..

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    Oct 2003
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    I agree Colleen, Matilda had croup & it was awful, sounded like a dog barking.... if it continues go to the Dr. HTH!

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    katanya Guest

    I just did a seach on whoping cough since Felix has been exposed to it recently and there is even a sound bit to listen to..andthe full list of symtoms..

    If not please remove the link..Collen it's whooping and it's agreat site to explain things..

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    It sounds to me like it might be a bit of croup Colleen, as that is how our Dr described it to be (he thought Aidyn had a mild case). If Jaykob has any other symptoms with it, its probably best to take him to the Drs...

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    Colleen Guest

    thanks girl...

    No fever or sign of cold ? Just the cough... poor little bugger was barking all night

    Thanks for that link i will check it out now