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Thread: Could it be chicken pox????

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    Question Could it be chicken pox????

    Alex has been absolutely shocking since Monday, very very whingy, always wanting to be held and really struggling to sleep. But when he does go to sleep he is going down for big stints ie 4.30pm Monday night till 4am Monday morning. He has just been an extremely unhappy fellow which is so unlike him.

    I initially put it down to teething but have now since found out that a family that we spent half a day with on Sunday have had two of their daughters come down with the chicken pox. I cannot see any spots on him and he hasnt had a temperature or anything? How long does it take tho for the spots to show up after being in contact with the chicken pox?? Would that be what is making him so grizzly??? Incidentally on Sunday the girls didnt have any spots on them, they came up on Tuesday.

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    I think the first part of chicken pox before the spots come up is the worst ie. when they are the sickest. Having watched nearly my whole class come down with it a couple of years ago I noticed that some where quite sick before the spots came out- ie. tired, emotional, some were vomitting- where as other didnt have any troubles at all except for the spots. I think that the spots first come up in place like behind the ears, then on the belly. There is an incubation period before chicken pox shows up

    I found this info- maybe it will help

    What is Chicken Pox?
    Chicken pox is a highly contagious viral disease that is spread by direct contact or breathing in germs from someone's cough or sneeze. Two weeks after exposure, chicken pox spots appear on the body.

    What are the signs and symptoms of Chicken Pox ?
    The following symptoms will occur 10-21 days after exposure to chicken pox:

    Low grade fever.
    Runny nose, slight cough.
    Decrease in appetite.
    Tired, rundown feeling.
    These symptoms usually occur 24-48 hours before the spots appear on the body.

    When the spots first appear they will start on the chest, back, or face, and eventually are seen over the entire body. The spots may occur in the mouth as white ulcers, and as ulcers in the ears and eyes

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    Are you BF Alex? If you are and you are immune it's highly unlikely he could have contracted them.
    One of the other girls on here recently had contact with CP and her DD hasn't had EBM since she was 12 weeks old (she was born the same day as Darcy). The doctor told her she would still have immunity from that!
    I hope he's feeling better really soon and I hope from the bottom of my heart that it's not CP for him.

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