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Thread: Could it be a second tooth?

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    Default Could it be a second tooth?

    Hi my Ds is 5 months and 2 weeks and he only got his first bottum tooth last week, i can see it and fell it too but its only a tiny bit out of his gum, how long does it take to fully come out?? cos i know sometimes the gum can grow over it and that takes longer for it to come out? ive also noticed what appears to be another tooth right next to the first one he got but its only been a week since he got the first one ahhhhhh?? Im just alittle concerned.. how long after did your baby get his 2nd tooth from the 1st?

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    Milo got his first toothe (front bottom, middle) at 3.5 months, and the next one exactly 1 week later.

    He got the next at 5 months (top, second from the middle) and the matching one about a month after that!

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    Mackenzie got her first tooth at 6 months and her second came about a week later. They were the standard two bottom ones.

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    DS cut his first tooth at about 5mo. He cut his second a few days later. He always cut two around the same time. He is now cutting his molars, and four came up at once. He was very grizzly, Poor little darling.

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