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    vanessapete Guest

    cradle swing

    Hi all, dh and i have been thinking that maybe letting hayls have her day sleeps in the cradle swing is a bad idea? so far it has worked a treat no grumpy bubs. I never leave her longer than 3 hours in one hit and she has 2 night sleeps in her cot. I turn the cradle off once she is asleep. Does anyone else use one ? is it ok to do so? what age do you stop using it? i know i will have troubles later down the track...............

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    mooshie Guest


    i looooooove the baby swing best invention ever lol. i first got mine 7yrs ago as dh was working night shift and i just couldn't get anything done and the swing was great. my second child ds spent a lot of time having day sleeps in his swing and he is now 5 (well nearly) and i didn't have any problems.

    lani sort of liked the swing but i only used it for her if i couldn't get her back to sleep after 1 sleep cycle (ie 45 mins) and i did the same turned off the rocking motion when she was asleep. she is now 6 1/2 mths and does not generally go to sleep in it anymore, her daytime sleeps are figured out (its just night time or 3am i have a problem atm lol) anyway i will still use it if she is cranky and tired but just won't fall asleep iykwim and i need to get dinner done, or hang out the washing etc.

    i think my swing has served around a dozen babies lol it has been passed around alot lol.