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Thread: Crawling and hard floorboards?

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    Julian has just started to crawl. When he gets tired he puts his head down on the floor and of course gets hurt because it is a hardwood floor. He also rolls and the same thing happens with more of a thump. I do put a mat out for him but he wants to explore and I am worried that all these bumps won't be good for him. Any ideas?


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    Just remember that babies' heads are hard enough to withstand the knocks and soft enough to not break - my DS, if he wants more sympathy because he went down on his bum from walking, rolls onto his side and looks at me THEN hits his head on the floor! He also bashes it on the side of his cot at night - oddly enough, for comfort. He headbutts doorframes and the bath too - if there was ever going to be a baby with concussion, it would be DS (we have oak floor, tiles and marble floor in our house). He's absolutley fine - well, as fine as you can be being brought up by me!

    He's probably crying more from shock/tiredness than pain, a bump that would have me howling DS can ignore, but if he's tired just sitting down on a well-padded bum on a carpet is a time of misery.

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    My DD crawls on tiles and before she mastered it she was constantly bumping her head/chin/mouth on them. I tried to keep her on her foam mats, but she just got frustrated and would whinge, so I jsut let her go. She was fine and with in a few weeks the bumps to the head lessened. Now she's got bruises all over her legs and knees now that she's mobile though I think it's just par for the course!

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    Jan - Izzy is the same, shes crawling all over the house now and we have one rug in teh lounge the rest of the house is boards or lino so shes constantly bashing around the place. She pulls herself up to standing on everything and then lets go and falls back - great! As Kellie said I think now they are mobile its a case of they will learn!! Its so hard to watch them hurt themselves though isnt it!

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    He will learn pretty quick! Flynn learnt to crawl on our bed and his method invloved ploughing his face into the mattress and scrambling his arms and legs forward, using his face as the leverage point. He only tried it a fwe times on our timber floors LOL!

    BTW I really LOVE the name Julian - I tried to get that one past the keeper for baby number 2 but to no avail.

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