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    I have been finding it very hard to get DS(9weeks) to sleep during the day in his cot,. the minute i out him down he screams, and me being soft picks him up immed, and then he will not go down for the day, so i usually have to go for a drive as he will happily sleep in the car, it can be a nightmare, as by the end of the day, he is exhausted and so am i.

    a friend sugg to let him cry it out, and make sure he is wrapped. (at night he is in a sleeping bag) so the last couple of sleeps i have wrapped him, put him in his cot, and he has cried for about 15mins before falling asleep, is this nasty. should i do it, or should i go in and try to settle him in his cot, its the only thing what seems to work for day sleeps, nights he is fantastic wll go down with no probs.

    Does anyone else leave such a young baby to cry it out before they fall off to sleep?

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    I personally am not a cry it out fan. I wouldn't use that technique of settling on any baby regardless of age. I'm not knocking you or anyone else who does use it.

    I think wrapping him & some soothing settling techniques like patting, rocking, singing, music etc is a nicer way. I have always fed my kids to sleep. Are you BFing? Maybe you would like to try feeding him to sleep if you are bfing. Another thing I found that worked with my oldest was to lie with him in our big bed. Once he was asleep I would move him to his cot. I made it easier to move him by having him on a blanket that I could pick up like a hammock to move him. It was a good way of moving with little movement so he never woke. I would also lie him either on top of or put with him one of my t-shirts I had been wearing so he could still smell me close by.
    Picking up on his tired signs is also a big thing. I made the mistake with my oldest thinking he was getting bord when he would start to get grizzly. So I tried to amuse him. It wasn't till I watched a video that the early childhood nurse brought round about settling etc (was actually this video that showed me that CIO wasn't for me) that I realised what I was missing. have a look at the main BB site , there is bound to be an artical on the tired signs.

    Hope things settle down for you soon.

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    hi meggie,

    please dont let him cry

    he is much too young for that.
    he needs your closeness and its a must-see that he knows you are there for him.
    it unflueces the sense of basic trust and thats really deciding for his growth.

    your little boy is nine weeks now, im sure he will make a menthal growth now.
    every baby does it around that time.
    my DS did only sleep on my shoulders when i was sitting up.

    your DS behave absolute normal!

    and: when you let him cry and he begins to sleep in his cot after a few days, dont think its because he knwos that he has to sleep.
    its because he knows, mommy wont come and help me. he just has resigned.

    i promise he behave 'better' in a few days - hang in there!

    big hugs for you

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    Beastie is spot on. babies cry because they need you.

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