I was wondering what are the normal times for a baby to go through bad patches of crying?

I read somewhere that after 3 months, there's meant to be a sudden drop-off in crying but for Aurelia, it's been the exact opposite. In fact, she was an angel when she was a newborn has gotten worse ever since! She sleeps extreemly well at night though, but when she's awake, she's usually crying and often refusing the breast. It's driving me nuts! It's gotten a lot worse recently, and peaked at new years where she literally would not stop crying the entire day, it was awful. She's almost 4 months now (b'day on the 9th) and I was wondering if this is a common thing for babies of her age? Someone I know who has a bub the same age (a few days older) than mine said her daughter is doing the same thing lately.

Please tell me it gets better!!