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Thread: Dairy Intolerance??

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    Question Dairy Intolerance??

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows what kind of symptoms come from Dairy intolerance?

    I think maybe 10mo DD's latest behavoiur could be related to her introduction to dairy.

    She has been on & off with her food (even the favourites), some days eating almost nothing, she is drinking alot and hasn't been settling for sleeps (usually a great settler and sleeper).

    The only thing we have changed lately is introducing a little dairy to her diet (yogurt and making cereal with cow's milk).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jo-O,

    Our son is Lactose Intolerant & his symptoms were rumbley tummy,sore to touch,suffered from very bad gas(wind) vomitting nearly every night in bed,after 30mins to an hour after a bottle of cow`s milk.Also some days he had the Diarreah that is part of being Allergic. There is also a protein Allergy to Cow`s milk as well, different again to the Lactose Allergy though. Your Doctor might have to do some tests,stool sample or even a blood test.....etc......but normally most bubs don`t start Cow`s milk until 12 months of age,maybe you bub is too young to start at 10 months,you might have to check with your Doctor or clinic childhood nurse.

    * Check food labels!!!*
    Process breakfast Cereals have Lactose in them.....try doing a search on the net about lactose or protein Allergies in Cows Milk,you will be surprised at what you find out. Good luck. We have our Son on Soya Milk,has been for over a year now,& all is good with him. cheers.

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