thread: Dark green poo in 4month old...

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    cazoraz Guest

    Dark green poo in 4month old...

    For the past 3-4 days Cole has had relly dark green/almost black poo, a bit smelly and sort of stringy looking.

    He has been quite whingey and grizzly and only wants mummy.

    He has also been waking up aerlier (6.30am instead of 7.30/8am) though I've put this down to it being really light early until daylight savings starts this weekend.

    Oh yeah, he's fully breastfed too and I havent eaten anything unusual or different this week either...

    Do you reckon he's teething? I cant really feel anything in his gums, thy seem quite hard but nothing about to poke through.

    I cant remember Lucy getting this dark green smelly poo when she was teething, she was more the bright yellow diarrea type....has anyone else seen this?


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    cazoraz Guest

    He also might have picked up a bit of a bug, because that can make the poos green. He might not have been symptomatic, becuase his body may have fought off the bug (hence the green poos ).

    Jessalyn has green stringy poos when there is excess bile being dumped from her liver, so I know that bile dumps look green, glugy and stringy - but that wouldn't be the cause of Cole's green poos - unless he had been in contact with some kind of toxin or something that was processed by the liver making more bile than usual.
    Mmm, his older sister Lucy wa really sick last week with an ear infection & UTI, maybe he got something from her?

    Someone else just mentione ot me that green poo indicates an excess of iron, which I'm not sure about cos I usually have an iron deficiency...