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Thread: Day light savings and sleep

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    Question Day light savings and sleep

    Does anyone have some tips?.....Day light savings is starting again here on sunday through till march 08.

    I struggle to get my DS to sleep as it is(not a great sleeper this one) and i find it impossible to get him to sleep longer than 30-40mins when its light, and at night he wakes 2 hourly. He has a light blocking blind in his room but it still gets quite light in there. Do i just try to do things as normal? or maybe just put him to bed a little later?

    TIA people

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    DS for many months had shorter day sleeps, and then woke 3hrly-ish over night. I wouldn't be too concerned. I wouldn't think paying for expensive blinds is the only way hehe. I've never darkened DS's room in the daylight.

    I think it's good that he's distinguishing day & night sleeps differently for you. It's a start! Just go with what works.. he's only 3 months.. he doesn't know what time it is.. just keep following his tired signs and you'll probably find that you'll slip into a new 'summer' routine/rhythm.

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    I put aluminium foil on DD's windows, blocks most of the light from coming in... this is the cheap way out

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    When my Mum moved into her new house and had no blinds up she put black rubbish bags on the windows and that blocked out heaps of sun. A bit daggy looking but it was cheap and worked!

    As Liz said though he will find a routine... just takes time!

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