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Thread: DD doesn't like muscial toys!!

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    Default DD doesn't like muscial toys!!

    Hey girls

    Well for awhile Charlotte has had this problem with any type of musical toy, whenever its played or some form of nursery type music is played, she will just cry, like its hurting her or something. I just don't know what could be the problem as when she was a baby and up until at least 18months she was fine with music. Now she just can't stand it, I just can't give her toys that play sound or I just don't put batteries in. Do u think I should be seeing a doctor about it? I'm guessing its a mental problem, something has happened and now its like shes scared of them...
    Now with DS here, he has a few things that play sound and she just goes nuts if I play it, so its like he can't have that kind of interaction!
    The thing is shes good with music, I play music most Saturday mornings and she likes to dance along, she is pretty good with most kids programs although isn't really into them, she prefers to play with other things and just run around alot lol!

    Just thought I would bring it up here and see if anyone else has this problem... I think I may have to see someone, cos it can't be good and shes also on a waiting list for day care! So would like her to be fine by then.

    Also while I'm at it, she has another habit of spitting water from her cup into anything that can hold it, for example she spits water from her waterbottle into her toy blocks, then drinks it, and if I catch her she then tips it over the carpet or couch!! I've tried everything with her, explaining its not a good thing to do, I've taken her water bottle off her, but she just still does it, another thing I would like to stop before she goes to day care! I guess if shes still doing it, they may be able to help me, but I would prefer to stop her now!

    Thanks for anyone who can help and thanks for just reading my ramblings lol!!! Trying to type fast before DS wakes up!!

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    I have no idea about the toy thing, maybe it's the frequency of the sound that hurts her ears??

    With the water though maybe she should only drink it at the table or on the kitchen floor with no toys around her.

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    Cant help ypou on the music toys bit...

    But Chelsea is a serial offender with the spitting too....everything and anything that can hold liquid will have either drink (thats she has put in her mouth then spat out) or spit....drives me batty. When asked why she does it..'needs washing mummy'

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    Maybe she just can't stand the horrible tinny-ness of most battery operated nursery music?? LOL I like to run screaming from most of it too .

    I think you should just get rid of your battery operated stuff for a while and give her *real* musical toys - maraccas, tone bells, tamborine, small (correctly tuned) organ/toy piano, drum. When she learns about making the sounds herself, she might not mind the battery-stuff quite so much.

    If the behaviour persists, I would get it checked out. I suspect however that it might be a passing phase in her development. It might be a good idea to get her hearing assessed in case there are some frequency issues.

    Re the spitting, sounds pretty normal to me. At least she's not weeing in everything! (DD1 went thru a short phase, when we were potty training, of weeing in any plastic round container that was around. LOL)

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