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Thread: DD wont go to sleep in cot

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    Thumbs down DD wont go to sleep in cot

    I need advice on how to get DD to go to sleep in her cot at the beginning of the night.
    During the day when she's tired she'll fall asleep anywhere, including her cot.
    In the middle of the night, when she wakes for a feed, I can put her back in her cot, even if she's awake, and she'll go back to sleep without any problems.
    But at the beginning of the night when I put her in her cot, she will not go to sleep and just screams.
    I've always tried to create some type of routine at night, which is:
    Walk at 5, feed at 6, bath between 6:30-7, then another feed (just a top-up really) and by 7:30 she's really tired, and this is when I try to put her in her cot. She'll fall asleep anywhere else, in her bouncer, swing, on the floor, in my arms, except the cot!

    Any advice on what to do would be great. I have tried just leaving her in there to see if she'll eventually fall asleep, but I'm not sure how long I should let her cry for.

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    Maybe she's feeling a bit lost in such a big space? Do you wrap her? Otherwise, maybe try getting a snugglebed or a wedge thingy (sorry not sure what it's called) to make her feel a bit more enclosed.

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    Yeah definately try wrapping or something maybe to let her feel more enclosed. Also maybe try inclining her cot so the "top end" has a blanket or something rolled under it. Some babies sleep better on a slight incline than flat, especially on a full belly.

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    Thanks, I might try and wrap her.

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    I also found that if I pegged a sheet to the cot side, it made my bubs feel enclosed and therefore safer. If they can see thru something, it doesn't feel as secure to them. Worked a treat for my girls and I hope it works for you...!

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    if you are breastfeeding put some milk on a shirt your worn und put it in the cot under nina

    but to my mind she needs the closeness to you.. she is so little...

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    thanks for the tips. I agree that she likes to be close to me. She will go to sleep if I'm holding her no worries. Don't know if it will cause problems later, but at the moment I'm happy to nurse her to sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodi_lee View Post
    Don't know if it will cause problems later, but at the moment I'm happy to nurse her to sleep
    no it wont, dont worry!
    you 're doing very wel l

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