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    Nina has diarreah. Has had it since last night, and getting worse during the course of today. Should I keep giving her food and milk, or give her fluids only? The only other time she's had this was when I was still b/f her, and I just continued to b/f her, so not sure what to do now.

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    Jodi - give her fairly plain food (nothing that will upset her tummy) and plenty of water. Stear clear of milk for now, if you can, give her some cornflour mixed with water.

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    Jodi, I agree. If she is hungry definitely feed her, but try to stick to easy to digest things. I would avoid dairy but try to increase the water intake. If it goes on for longer than a couple of days you might like to try some of that rehydrating stuff for kids - like gatorade type thing. Otherwise just let it run it's course.

    If it is gastro, apparently the bug can last for 7 days, so wash anything that is dirtied well in hot water and dry in the sun. I can't remember if you are using cloth nappies.

    I hope she's better soon.

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    Thanks girls. Yeah I'm using cloth, but they were getting very messy this morning (and I dropped one on her head!) so she's in sposies ATM. Luckily it's washing day today.

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