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Thread: Diarrhea and won't eat much....

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    Default Diarrhea and won't eat much....

    Sorry for the TMI all but Izzy has had a cold for over a week now - green runny nose and cough, which has now lessened to just a cough and a tiny bit of a drippy nose, but she is pretty well off most of her food and she has diarrhea at least once or twice a day since about Wed or Thursday.

    I have been making sure that she drinks heaps of water and she asks for it now when she wants it too which is great, and I also have been giving her an extra formula bottle (4 a day) when she really won't eat alot so that I know at least she is getting something.

    I took her to the Dr on Tuesday and he basically said all is fine, no ear infection again, and that nothing she has will be any good with ab's anyway.

    SO I guess Im wondering if this is normal when lil' ones are sick and have a cold or has it dragged on long enough for me to go back to the Dr again?? I feel a bit silly sometimes going, but last time she had a cold she also had an ear infection and we didn't even realise, so I'm worried there might be something else we have missed.

    Oh and if anyone has any ideas of what to get her to eat - suggest away! Yesterday she ate a Savoy for lunch (terrible but I was at my wits end and I was happy she was eating SOMETHING) a tiny bit of toast, some mandarin and some carrot for dinner.

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    Hi Tanstar
    I would not worry too much. Colds can sometimes hang around for some time. Lizzy can go for quite a time on very small amounts of food. Providing that she is drinking she will be fine. Let her eat anything that she wants even junk food will not harm her in the short term.

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    If you feel unsure go back to the doctors, you know Izzy better than anyone. If she's still not 100% it wouldn't hurt to get her checked out again....I've found that an innocent cold can turn quickly to an ear infection or worse. I find that my two monkeys cut there food back when they're sick and tend to drink more, I always let them have powerade as I figure the glucose will help them get back on there feet. If Izzy's still drinking formula I wouldn't be to worried, mine wouldn't touch there milk when they get sick!
    Anyway I hope Izzy's better soon!

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    Don't think that you're being silly if you take Izzy back to the doc's. I took Oskar on a Monday and he had a throat infection, but overnight he actually developed croup (I had a hunch from the sound) so I took him back next day. My doc never makes me feel silly and tells me that if I feel I need to go to him then that's best as they're babies

    I think that for the simple answer... you are asking a question because I think you feel that you should take her back so I would do exactly that hun and don't feel silly about it at all. I hope she feels better soon. Oh and like Alan said, anything she is eating at the moment is better than nothing - I know that I favour some things over others when I'm not well.

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    Kids do seem to know how much they need to eat etc when they are sick, so try not to worry about that part of it - she will more than make up for it when she is well again. I agree with Alan, some kids will have it linger on for ages, but if she doesn't seem quite right to you, then by all means take her to the Dr.

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    Noah has had a tummy bug for about 10 days..and i have been the the dr 3 times!!!
    anyway now he seems to be alot better - a nutrition book i read and my dr recommended potatoe, rice, apples and carrots for the. the starch in the potatoe and rice help and apples and carrots are high in pectin which also helps. dr recommended little amts of food ans fluid often. it is working here. i have also been bfeeding a lot and using rehydrating fluid to be safe. he is a lot better today and his appetite is improved too, the last 3 days he had eaten little or no solids.

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    Thanks for the food ideas hun, she will eat a bit of carrot, and ate a bit of my sausage roll earlier in the day, again I was just grateful that she ate something. I just gave her some yoghurt and she ate the whole thing and Im giving her little crackers to much on while she plays. It is so hard to know what to do. We decided that because she is drinking so much and no other symptoms really we will keep an eye on her over the weekend and if she still isn't better by Monday then I will go then. I hope she is better - its her birthday party tomorrow and birthday on Monday!

    Thanks again everyone!

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