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    Sep 2005
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    Hi fellow mums and dads;

    I have a question that i thought you all could help me with!!!!
    My DS is almost 11 months, He doesn't quite eat "chunky" solid foods.( He eats custard, yoghurts, mango pear and rice baby food it is a smooth concistancy, or anything that he doesn't have to chew.) He has no teeth..(one is almost through) and he wont go near vegies.

    Do you think it is wise to put him on cows milk and does anyone know the water to milk ratio?


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    Mar 2004

    Yasin is the same age and I still don't use cows milk. For his weet-bix in the morning I use formula because I'm not very good at expressing. I put a bit of yoghurt in his cereal and I give him cheese as a finger food so he gets dairy but not milk. I think that alot of the lactose is broken down in cheese and yoghurt so its not as full-on as full milk. How is he with dairy. If he tolerates that maybe he's ok for milk.
    As far as I can see from other milk threads the age that people start milk really varies so it partly depends on what you feel comfortable with.
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    Melinda Guest

    Hi scorpiomum,

    Perhaps if you're worried that he's not going to get all the vitamins & minerals that he needs by putting him onto cow's milk when he's 12 months old, you could instead use one of the toddler formulas that are available?

    He may find his way towards vegies and chunky food once he gets a few toothie-pegs as well.

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    I was advised by our GP to keep Matilda on formula or toddler milk until she was 2 because it has added nutrients & especially because he's not wanting to eat more adventurous foods Good luck!

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    my dd has just turned 12mths and is a very fussy eater, although i am lucky in a way that she will attempt to eat cut up food (she is fed whatever we are having as a family) well she tries to at least - looks like a meat eater atm and vegies instead of being tossed over the highchair are now being hidden down on her lap #-o .

    i recently did a post re toddler milk and have just bought a can which i will start her on tommorrow instead of formula or cows milk - just mainly for the extra nutrician until she is 2yrs old.

    i will still be giving her around 2 1/2 to 3 bottles of toddler milk a day as she has only just hit 8kgs so she is a light weight.

    good luck