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Thread: diplomatic Yasin

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    Talking diplomatic Yasin

    I'm so pleased with my little boy.
    We keep some empty bottles and lids in the bath to play with during bath time. Imran had the top from a shaving can that he was playing with and Yasin decided he wanted it so he reached out to try and take it. Imran didn't want to give it up and I told Yasin he shouldn't snatch it soooo... he looked around and found a bottle which he offered to Imran. Imran took the bottle and was happy with it and Yasin got his cap to fill with water.
    I'm so proud of him for finding a solution that left them both happy what great interpersonal and negotiating skills my little man has.
    I'm having a massive proud mummy moment lol.

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    Woohoo! What a wonderful skill for him to have! And what a great big brother moment!

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    Oooooh, love it. Well done Mummy, for you know that YOU instilled that skill into him? Well done Yasin........

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    well done yasin - great to see he knows how to make every happy - including mummy!

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    Oh, how sweet. I agree with Lucy, you can take a lot of credit for that too. Well done to you both.

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