thread: Disposable nappy question

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Disposable nappy question

    Okay, I'm sure this is a really dumb question LOL but we use cloth so I have no idea...

    The frilly bits around the legs of a disposable nappy - are they meant to be tucked in or pulled out?

    We got a couple of sample packs of Huggies in the bounty bags so I figure we might as well use them since we've got them but when we tried the last lot we couldn't figure out what to do with those frilly bits LOL!

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    Aug 2004
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    You tuck them out Angel otherwise they may leak


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Oops LOL 8-[

    Thanks Deeanne!

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    Melinda Guest

    Oh yes, that would be one mistake that wouldn't happen twice! LOL