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Thread: Do you buy a new pram every child????? i do !!!

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    Default Do you buy a new pram every child????? i do !!!

    Over my child bearing years i have bought 4 prams ....have 2 in my possesion (other 2 got rid off, sold).
    I have a three wheeler with a todd seat. Finding sophie wont lay in the three wheeler anymore (wants to see whats going on). So often im holding her on my hip (12 weeks pregnant, not a good thing) and pushing my 3.5 year old !!

    We have a swallow liteco tandem (got second hand off ebay). I find it really heavy to steer. Its prob 3-4 years old.

    Sooooo i have 2.5 children and no pram that works for me !!!

    i was looking at the twin strollers today (love the maclaren and childcare ones). Sales lady said they tend to sway to one side due to the uneveness in child weight (e.g a 10 kg toddler and a 15 kg toddler). I really like them though, I thought they would be a good option, they're light, fold up easy and i can use it for when our new baby arrives in September......

    Anyone used a side by side? esp for a newborn??

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    I have had a pram with every child. The list is like this with Kimberley i brought 2 prams and a stroller. With Alex 1 tandem pram and 1 double jogger. With Eleanor so far i have brought a single jogger with toddler seat. I will need a stroller one day as the first one i brought is broken but i can still use it.
    I've only sold one pram and the other went to the rubbish as the puppy chewed it.

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    mbear, check out mummymel's thread on tandem strollers. The phil & ted's that we bought for DS#1 is still going strong for DS#2 as well, and is getting a good rap in that thread.

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    I will be getting anew one per child, and maybe even getting a new one pretty soon as I want a lighter weight swivel wheel one. I love my emmaljunga, but sometimes its not as practical!

    I am looking at the SC transation 'Milo' (he he)

    My GF has a tandem stroller with a newborn and a 2.25 year old, I will ask her what brand and how she finds it.

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