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Thread: Do you think there is a link (sorry poo talk here)

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    Default Do you think there is a link (sorry poo talk here)

    Sorry for TMI......

    My DD is 4 weeks old, and for the past week has been incredibly gassy and has obvious tummy pain.

    I too am very gassy, and find that when I BF her at about 8pm, I end up with severe tummy pains and end up having to rush to the loo.

    Do you think that there could be a link why she is so gassy considering my tum isn't rught. I am going to start taking a probiotic and hopefully that will make me feel a bit better, as it is quite painful

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    Is it tummy cramps or afterbirth pains, I know I got my afterbirth pains for quite a while after DD and they always make me feel like I have to go to the toilet or give me diahorrea?

    You might want to see if there is something you are eating every night that maybe you and he are reacting too - it takes about 4hrs for something you eat to get into your milk or it could just be his unsettled time/overtired/ cluster feeding?

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    It's def not after birth pains. I haven't eaten the same thing consistantly daily for it to be something in particular

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    Is there often dairy in what you eat? Even if what it is made into is something different, the base ingredients can be a big cause. Try an elimination diet of common intolerances and allergies, you would be surprise what has bits of dairy, gluten, and other common reactors in it.

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    Yeah that's what the MCHN told me today. So I am going to give it a try

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    Hey there megimott
    i cant eat garlic as it upses DS. Gives him bad pains in the stomach. If it upsets me- then it upsets him as well. Vegetables did it to us both the other nite as well. Also just be careful with the pro-biotic. Person at the health food shop said for me to wait till bubs was 2 months old before i take it. Might be worth checking.

    Definately a link here!
    mwah and worth eliminating things to see what is the cause for both of you!

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    Thanks Det - Someone else mentioned veggies and stone fruit. I will just have to see how I go. Still stuck on the toilet at least a few times a day. I may have to go to the GP if it doesn't improve.
    DS had rotavirus a few weeks ago.....

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