: Do you think your baby was 'ready' to be born?

  • No

    17 35.42%
  • Yes

    29 60.42%
  • Unsure

    2 4.17%

thread: Do you think your baby was 'ready' to be born?

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    Feb 2003
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    Do you think your baby was 'ready' to be born?

    Following on from the last poll I posted to see if mums were ready in every way for the births of their babies, do you think your baby was ready to come into the world? Not necessarily in terms of prematurity, but physically, mentally, spiritually perhaps?

    Do you think your baby was ready to be born into the environment/world that he / she was? Feel free to discuss.

    Kelly xx

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    Feb 2005
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    The twins,definitely not, they cried like kittens, they had no sucking reflex, spent 98 % of their time asleep, covered in lanugo, no way were they prepared for the world. That took a few more weeks before they were prepared for the world.
    #3 DEFINITELY ready, despite being 36 weeks, was born on the boob, was soooo aware of the world around, and was prepared to greet the life. Was an "old soul" from the minute she popped out!

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    I don't think either of mine were, Kameron more than Lachlan. But due to problems with me and possibly them they were forced into the world


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    May 2003
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    Olivia was "overcooked" physically and was born at 41 weeks. And as such was covered in very dry peeling skin, so in that respect, she was more than ready.

    But her digestion was not ready....took her a while to get into the boob, and a lot longer to figure out about wind etc.

    I honestly believe most babies are not ready to pop out till they are about 4 months.......in theory I think they should stay in the womb for at least 12 months gestation......but lets face it, what woman could go through that??!! Mentally or physically??!

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    mooshie Guest

    considering lani was late (10 days) and how quick she was born after induction lol, i think she was extremely ready.

    straight after she was born she started breastfeeding and suckled off and on for 2hrs - she was so content to be here and would just feed and sleep the whole time, it was like she knew what to do.

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    Nov 2004
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    Maddison was definately ready, she actually held onto the side of the crib thingy they put them into & tried to pull herself up to look around, she did not cry, but really took in everything around her & really looked around & turned toward light/dark & noises....

    She was a terribly contented baby & the head midwife actually told me she believed she had been here before & knew what was ahead of her. She actually told me I'd have my hands full with her, I am guessing she means once she is older, coz in all honestly Maddy was a dream baby & has been a dream child that takes life in her stride, but is super inquisitive about everything...

    You can see her now she will listen to a conversation, but wait til we are alone to ask me what that person meant by saying etc, etc!!!!

    She was 41 wks to the day, when born.

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    Jul 2004
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    I'm actually unsure as to whether Aidyn was ready or not... My waters broke at 39 weeks, but I had to be induced cause I wasnt having contractions. So in that aspect I dont think he was ready to come out.
    We also had major issues with attachment, which led to us bottle feeding him.
    But when he came out he was neither overcooked or undecooked (gosh that sounds funny!)... just perfect really.
    And he seemed to be quite content, never cried much, and began to sleep through really early on too.

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    Oct 2003
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    I think Matilda was well and truely ready, although my body wasn't and with her disengaging maybe she wasn't ready for the birth, but once out she knew what she wanted from day 1, she could hold her head up right away and rolled over in front of everyone on day 3 in the hospital. She was ready to go!

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    Colleen Guest

    hmm well I was def. ready for Jaykob to come out!! and I think he was too....

    He hadnt engaged at all at 39wks 6days, I kept telling everyone that he was too comfy in there and that he wasnt coming out.

    When I had my c sec they took 4 minutes to lift him out because he dug his chin into his chest and clamped up so I was right...

    Physically though he was 110% ready to come out, 10 pound & straight onto the boob lol so much so that my midwife brought other midwives in to see lol

    so overall YES he was ready...

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    Melinda Guest

    Jacob had definitely had enough baking time as well. He was born at almost 41w gestation and also had the dry and peeling skin and scratchy long fingernails LOL!!

    He was most definitely physically ready to be in the world and was lifting his head up looking around in the hospital.

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    Mar 2005


    My personal opinion is that wheather they are 40 weeks on the dot or in some sad cases 26 weeks they are coming out for a reason- I can't explain it properly or why I feel this way I just do!

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    Feb 2004

    Zander was very much like Matilda in that he was holding his head up straight away. Now at not quite 10w old he keeps trying to sit up! Everyone commented on how alart he was even just hours after his birth, so yeah he was ready.

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    Aug 2004
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    Like Zander and Matilda, Matthew was also holding his head up straight away and also smiling, midwives couldn`t get over it, and he was so very alert, he`d actually watch certain objects move, BF he was a natural with, he fed for 2 hours straight on his first attempt. So yes he was mentally and physically ready to be born.

    I was 41 weeks when I had to have a c/s due to finding out I had CPD 1 day before my op. Everyone thought Matthew would look overcooked because of being 1 week over his due date and the size he was but no he wasn`t overcooked at all, OB commented Matthew wasn`t ready to come for another 7 to 10 days, he was still very high in my pelvis.

    So mentally and physically he was ready but wasn`t ready himself.

    Take Care


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Gabby was not ready at all. She hadn't even engaged (which is apparently unusual for a first baby).
    I was induced because of my BP - not because I was ready. I was induced 3 days early and didn't have her until 5 days later then ended up with a c-section.
    For that reason, I will never, ever let them induce me again unless I am overdue and presenting well.

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    katanya Guest

    well this a hard one..

    Felix was born at 41+ weeks(13 days over) was induced, and they had to pump the dial up on the hormones to get me labouring..everything went well with him coming out apart from that.

    He was overcooked, shriveled, VERY long fingernails, dry skin etc..and once out he looked calmly around at everyone.

    He breastfed like a champion and appart from poor attachment we had a good expereince, as he was so"ethusiastic"

    Felix now, even though he is adventurous, like to be cautious, he is physially capable of walking (has been for 2 months nearly) but still likes to hold a finger for reassurance. He likes to be close to me, and is very upset if he wakes during the night and I am not there.

    So with knowledge of his personality now, I believe he just wanted to stay inside for comfort, he probably would have come out but not till the last possible moment..he was engaged for 7 weeks..I think he likes to practice for along time before he launches into action so he gets it just right...

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    Jun 2005

    I was induced at 38 weeks so I don't think dd was ready to enter the world she had not even engaged yet, although she did weigh 4 kg so physically she was ready

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    Feb 2003
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Kelly xx

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    Dec 2005

    My labour was like Ambah's actually. My waters broke but contractions didn't start so I was induced. When Nina was born my first thought was 'she's not ready to be born!'. I think because she was small, and I was expecting a little bigger. She was born at 38 weeks according to early ultrasounds and 37 weeks according to dates, so I'll never really know how early she was. I think another week of baking and she would have been ready.