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Thread: At the Doctor's how do you?......

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    Red face At the Doctor's how do you?......

    I feel a bit silly asking this but I have an appointment for Izzy today and thought - oh well I'm due for a pap test so I may as well book in for me too - then I had a think about it and the logistics are interesting!

    I think I'm either going to take her stroller and hope that she isn't grizzly while I get it done - or cancel my appointment for a time that I can go when mum is here with her!

    Just wondering what everyone else does and if most people just put bub/child in a pram while they are there??

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    I had this exact situation with a dr appt after Livvy was born (well daaa). I just chucked her in a stroller, gave her a toy and angled the pram so she wouldn't get a bad view. You could also just pop her on the floor with a toy too. Which ever she is happiest with normally. A pap smear is fairly quick so even if she is a little unsettle it's only for a few minutes. I'd have a go Tan and if it doesn't work out you know for next time.

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    i had one when sophie was around 6 months and we just popped her on a sheet on the floor

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    My last one was in August & Zander stood up near my head having a chat with the Dr!! Then for the next few weeks during our IVF cycle he was there every second day for internal u/s! I figure he's little enough not to be scarrd by it, though next year I don't think so!

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    LOL Sarah!!! She's rolling so much now that I think the safest place for her would be the stroller! I can just imagine her rolling under foot for the poor Dr! Thanks for the reassurance ladies! - ugggh I was hoping I could cancel for another time....

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    Nice try Tan but off you go. Another joy of being a women. When do people stop looking at our hoohaa???

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    I don't think they ever do from now on Dan!

    You'll be right Tan... good luck!! (You aren't going to need it though!)

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    when i had mine, 6 weeks after birth Emelia didnt want to be left in her pram!! the receptionist had to come and take Emelia cos she was screaming in her pram and making it even more uncomfortable for me! (especially being my first one ever) it was so embarrasing when i walked out and everyone looked at me in the waiting room.

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    Well it wasn't as bad as I expected - she was a little tired and grizzly but I cuddled her right up to when I got undressed and it was over before either of us knew it - THANK god! Dan - I was thinking exactly that thing while he was looking at my hoohaa and actually got flashback to the 10+ internals I had in labour and in particular when they broke my waters - uuuggghhh not pleasant

    Good thing is -its done, fingers crossed no abnormal cells for me again, and Izzy has a cortisone script for her eczema - I put it off long enough and tried lots of different things but nothing has worked, poor chicken so hopefully this will clear it once and for all.

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    Thank goodness it's all over Tan! The cortisone creams for eczema are great.... hopefully it will be cleared up in no time

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    Great job Tan!! I had to get the cortizone cream for Livvy's ezcema too. I just couldn't clear it up and it was starting to annoy her. She was starting to rub at the patches. Fingers crossed it will sort Izzy out in no time at all.

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