thread: does my 32 month eat too much??

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    Jan 2009
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    does my 32 month eat too much??

    ok i know the title of this thread is a little dramatic, but with the rate of childhood obesity going up im sure u can all understand my concerns.
    DD isnt overweight by any means and i know toddlers need to eat a fair bit to maintain their CONSTANT go, go, go attitude, but was just wondering what your thoughts were.
    I'll use today as an example.
    3 weetbix, a few bites of my toast, 250mls of 1/2 water 1/2 juice, then a handfull of grapes.
    1 ham and cheese sandwich, 1 90ml tub of yogurt, 250mls water.
    Afternoon snack
    1 large banana and 3 choc chip cookies i only gave her one but she snuck back into the cupboard and stole more! more water
    2 serves of roast meat and vegtables (peas, corn pumpkin) covered in gravy, 1 juice box(wasnt impressed but her great gran gave it to her she only has one juice a day at home)
    1 ENTIRE drumstick cone!!! i didnt think she'd finish it after her two serves of tea....but she did.
    Oh and before her afternoon nap and bed time at night she has a glass of milk with one of those 'sippah' straws
    am i just being a 'mum' and worrying about nothing???

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    Mar 2009
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    Hey my kids do the same thing. You will probably find that this week she will eat this way then next week he won't eat at all. I have adopted the view that they can eat as much as they like as often as they like as long as they are eating healthy and don't snack instead of eating proper meals.That way I don't stress during the times that they don't eat so much.

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    Jan 2007

    Is it constant? She might be going throw a growth spurt. I've found that DS is eating a lot more the past few days than he usually would and have put it down to a growth spurt. If she's not overweight or gaining excess weight than I wouldn't be concerned about it.

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    I don't think that's too much. She doesnt seem to be snacking much during the day except for afternoon tea and all of it is pretty healthy. If she's active (as most are at that age) it shouldn't be a problem. Like the others have said she is probably going through a growth spurt and next week probably won't want to eat anything.

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    Ditto what the others have said about eating like a horse (or pony!) and then going off food for a while. If you are concerned about her diet in any way, just try making sure that what she does eat is healthy (so give her a brown or grain bread sandwitch rather than white bread, for example, and make her a pureed strawberry smoothie instead of a sippah drink). And Skye don't worry too much - all kids do crazy things where food is concerned