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Thread: Doesn't like to play

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    Default Doesn't like to play

    Lily just doesn't seem to be interested in any toy she has.

    I read to her and she will just want to climb all over me.

    I set out a few toys in front of her and she will crawl off somewhere else and not even touch them.

    If I give her a toy in her hand she'll just throw it behind her and crawl off.

    The only game she likes playing is climbing all over me, which is very annoying as I can even sit down or walk without her doing it.

    She has lots of toys with lights and noises but only will sit there and watch if i play with them for her. She won't do it herself.

    Really the only thing she likes to touch is paper and the computer keyboard!

    How can I get her interested? It wouldn't be a problem if she didn't want our attention 24/7. I just need her to entertain herself for even 5 minutes but she's always attached to my leg, literally!

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    Hi Tegan,
    My DD went through that stage awhile ago. Toys were just not interesting. We found she loved empty toilet rolls and we filled up an empty 600ml bottle of coke with plain rice, and tightened the lid. Both cheap and nothing toys but she loved them. If you are prepared to do some washing up, I do suggest letting her have some tupperware to play with. DD loved it and sometimes letting her play in the cupboard while I was washing up was a great way to keep her off me while I washed up, but I could still keep an eye on her.


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    Aidyn has been through stages like that where he hasn't been interested in many of his toys at all...
    Does she have any toy balls? Balls are about the only thing that Aidyn will always play with (apart from cars LOL) He especially loves the clear plastic ones that have spinning things inside them, I think Fisher Price make them.
    I agree re the tupperware as well...

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    Yes she has a ball but is notinterested in that either. I give her a metal bowl and spoon to bash with because she liked that a few months ago but nope, not interested.

    Its really weird, when she was born she hated cuddles now thats all she wanted is to be held LOL!

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    Tegan, it's very definitely a stage most children go through - especially first-born children, as they don't have a sibling around to play with. I remember going through this with Christine and it nearly drove me nuts. I found if I got her into the sandpit, sometimes with a little container of water, she would entertain herself, but I had to be within her line of sight at all times.


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