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Thread: Doing a poo is really hurting her...

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    Default Doing a poo is really hurting her...

    I think we need a poo section of the forum I've asked so many q's about them LOL

    for about a week now DD has been screaming everytime she does a poo. She isn't constipated, they are probably a little harder than they used to be, but are still fairly soft (*TMI* just in one clump ITMS...). She has been doing one a day, she used to be every second day. I don't know why it is hurting though, there is no blood and they aren't hard...would it be just because it's in such a big lump? She screams even louder when I try and wipe her bottom and clenches her butt cheeks together, can babies get haemorrhoids? But then there isn't any blood...

    Should I go see a dr? Or just hope it passes and she gets used to it? I just hate seeing her scream in pain everytime she does a poo and don't want it to cause her to be scared of pooing...

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    oh the poor doll....perhaps it's a small tear in her rectum or something like that? Maybe take her to the MCHN? Could be worth giving her some food with a laxative effect just to soften things up and make pooing a bit more comfortable, pears or prunes?
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    If you think you need to soften her stools, try vaalia yoghurt. It works a treat, especially when every other thing including coloxyl drops do not.

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    J does this too - he does have a tendency to strain and get a little constipated but also grunts and even cried when he does a poo that is soft... tbh i think the consistency isbeocming more 'normal' atm - and maybe it feels uncomf to them? i notive he cries, face goes red etc while he does it (and it was the same with DS1 at this age).
    Cant hurt to give her more pears/prunes and fluids (i also use flaxseed oil) but it may als be a stage - it is a weird sensation to them whem they are aware they need to poo.

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