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Thread: Double Prams And Money Saving Tips!

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    Exclamation Double Prams And Money Saving Tips!

    Hi all,

    I am looking at buying a double pram as my next baby is due June 07. By this stage my DD will be 15mths old and i am wanting a double pram, or should i get something else for them both.....

    Also do i buy another cot or what as i don't want to be doubling up on everything and then have to sell it. At what age is best to change from the cot to a bed?

    At the edn of the day my two kids will be 15mths apart so i am hoping that we can save money by putting our DD in a bed and the cot we have now the newbie has in June 07?

    Any suggestions on money saving tips (when you have close age gap kids) so we don't double up and have excess to sell would be great!


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    hey jen, hope you're still feeling well. How about a railing to put on the single bed for Tayneesha? I was just going through the Toys R Us catalogue and saw them in there.

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    my boy was happily sleeping in a single bed at 15months (we had one though so it wasn't an additional expense). Will bubs be in a bassinette?? if so remember you have an extra couple of months to make the transition.

    Some form of double pram (whether toddler seat or what) probably won't hurt - I always swore that my toddler would walk once he could walk properly but there are times its just toooo slow or unsafe so even now (and he's about to turn 3) I bought a double pram (off ebay) just before Samuel was born so I could go for walks, busy shopping centres etc with both of them on my own. There are also the stands that clip onto prams but they aren't cheap either (but I'd be looking on ebay for anything). Maybe a baby carrier (if you own or could borrow) would benefit while bubs is tiny and you could then have time to decide once they are both around and you know what level Tayneesha is at.

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    What kind of double pram are you after as some cost so much now and some are the same as buying a single jogger with toddler seat.

    I have a double tantam - It's great around the shops but not so much for walking
    Double Jogger - good for walks and it's okay around some shops
    I've also always gone for the Valco make.
    You can also buy double strollers and some you can use from birth.

    For this baby i have brought a single jogger and toddler seat and found out today that you can't put it through a normal checkout in Big W.

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