thread: Dressing babies for summer nights

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    Dressing babies for summer nights

    Hi guys

    Ive been having this problem for several weeks now and cant figure out what to dress Hendrix in at night. I have two grobags but he either gets too hot in the 1.0 tog or too cold in the 0.5 tog. His nursery gets quite hot (usually around 24 degrees) so i use the ceiling fan on low. What id really appreciate is if you could note what you dress your bub in and whether you use a fan and how hot its been where you are. The other thing is that we recently stopped wrapping Hendrix and he seems quite ok sleeping out of wraps now but maybe his arms are getting cold being bare???

    Someone told me to dress him as i do myself but i where only bra and knickers and throughout the night am constantly pulling up the doona pushing it off etc.

    Your advice would be so appreciated.

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    Kameron was a summer baby and I used to put him in a very lightweight outfit with just a sheet or thin blanket over the top of him and didn't turn the ceiling fan on at all. I would have it on before putting him to bed to cool the room a bit but left it off through the night.


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    Heather - have you tried the muslin wraps? They are great even on really hot nights here in brissie. They are very lightweight - even if you just use it as a sheet? And maybe dress him in a shortsleeve jumpsuit. I know even on warm nights sometimes Lucie's hands and feet feel cold, but I did read that you go by how warm their tummy is and not hands and feet, if that makes sense.

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    Oh and I use a 1.0 tog sleeping bag, no fan (and we have no air con and the house is pretty hot) and usually dress lucie is a long sleeve jumpsuit or short sleeve if it is really hot.

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    Oh Heather I can relate... even though Aidyn is much older now I still have this problem!
    Atm he is sleeping in a 1.0 tog grobag with only a singlet and nappy underneath. (His room temp is on average 24 degrees at night) But when the nights get hotter in December and January I will probably just let him sleep in a tshirt and shorts, with no blankets at all.
    If you have an 0.5 tog grobag that will probably work well for the much hotter nights...
    I wouldn't be too worried about his arms getting cold/feeling cold, as its more important that his body is not cold iykwim? Does he wake up a lot at all from being too cold/too hot?

    We have aircon in Aidyn's bedroom but I dont like to use it as Aidyn wont sleep with the door shut, so it is open at all time and it would just be a huge waste of power...

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    We go off the Grobag Nursery temp gauge and dress Amy accordingly. We use a 0.5 tog Grobag and long sleeved bodysuit (no legs) if it is 21 and a short sleeved Grobag if it is 24. It hasn't been hotter than that yet so I'm not sure what we will do. For naps if it is warm we just put her in the cot with no Grobag and just a light bodysuit. The 1.0 tog seems warmer than one of the 2.5 togs that we have and the 1.0 does seem warm. If it's 18 we use a long sleeve body suit and 1.0 tog. We don't put any pants on with the Grobags as she gets too hot.

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    Indah is a hot baby like Maddy & I have put her down in a singlet & nappy, with a cellular blanket on... She has never complained..

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    We just used to dress Lily in a singlet and nappy with the sheet over her.

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    Matthew has lightweight cotton pj's with long sleeves and legs and a sheet and light blanket. His room is around 20 atm with no fan.

    we have ducted cooling so if it is hot outside we have it on low and he has a slinglet and nappy on. No blanket.

    He is yet to complain.

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    Olivia was born in Darwin, so we always had to deal with the "what to dress her in" issue........we always just had her in a singlet and nappy with a light muslin wrap.........& air con on (that didn't make the room cool, just got rid of the humidity)

    Charlie is a very hot and sweaty baby and we do the same for him.........