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Thread: Dribbling 3 year old

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    Zoeanne Guest

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    My 3 y-o boy is an excessive dribbler and has been since a baby. We remind him to swallow but he forgets. It is worse when he's excited. He doesn't seem to have any breathing difficulties. I've seen suggestions of going to a speech therapist. Does anyone have any experience with excessive dribbling toddler and do you have any cures? People are commenting and I don't want him to be teased. Thanks.

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    mooshie Guest



    does he still have a dummy?

    the reason i ask is my ds was exactly the same infact he almost had a permanent dummy rash on his chin ](*,) , as soon as the dummy was gone so was the dribbling.

    good luck

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    Zoeanne Guest

    Default Dribbling 3 y-o

    Hi Mooshie
    Thanks for your reply. No, he doesn't have a dummy and hasn't since about 1 y-o. He used to have terrible dribble rash on his chin but we've conquered that because he's dribbling a bit less i.e. we don't have to change his shirt 3 times a day!
    I'm going to research more on the internet and persist in trying to get him to swallow properly. Surely he'll get sick of me nagging him to swallow that he'll start doing it automatically. If not, then we're off to a specialist.

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