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Thread: Dropping 4am feed- when and how?

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    Default Dropping 4am feed- when and how?

    When Peter was very little, he had two feeds overnight- around 11pm and around 4am. The first one he dropped was the 11pm one and we never tried to continue it in the form of a dream feed or anything.

    So now he goes to bed at about 7-7.30pm and he wakes up once for a feed anywhere between 4am- 5.30am- sometimes a little earlier or later, it depends on the night. He then goes back to sleep until between 7-8am.

    Anyhow, I asked my MCHN yesterday whether he would eventually drop that on his own or if we needed to work on it, and she said we needed to work on it because there is no real incentive for him to drop it- ie- he gets a yummy warm bottle when he wakes up, so why would be stop?

    She did, however, say that you couldn't expect him to sleep more than 11 hours without a feed, so he would probably be waking around 6am in the "best" case. But even if we did stretch it to 6am, he is not ready to get up then, so he would need to go back down.

    So I kind of think, well, if we have to get up once anyhow, why does it matter if its 4am or 6am? Its going to be very difficult to stretch him out until 6am every night, so is it worth the effort?

    I just wanted some other's experiences and opinions. Is it true he can't sleep the full 12 hours without a feed? Should we be working towards this? Where does this eventually go? I don't know what I am aiming for.... can he ever sleep 12 hours without a feed, or will he eventually sleep less as he gets older and therefore not need the feed? Eeeeek! So many questions!!!

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    If you are happy to get up at 4am (I get up somewhere between 4 & 6 to feed too) - and like to sleep in until 8am (that IS a sleep in in my house ) - dont worry about changing it - why would you? I assume once he gets up you then give him brekky and then a bottle after that? If not, that is probably what I would change.

    Re the 12 hours, each kid is different - my DS slept through 7 - 6 from 4 months withoiut a dreamfeed, DD had a feed more often than not until she was nearly 18 months!

    If you are going to work in some capacity, yes it would probably suit to try and push his feed out, but if you are lucky enough to stay at home - do whatever gets you the most rest!!

    Hth in some way.

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    i'm going through a similar thing with DD. So i'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.

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