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Thread: DS keeps waking.

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    Love My Baby Guest

    Default DS keeps waking.

    My 7 month old DS has been waking heaps through the night. It's really starting to wear me out.

    Last night he went to sleep at around 10:15 last night (it's normally around 10:30) and then woke at 11:30, 1:30, 4:30, 6:30 and after that was really restless so I put him in with me.

    He is still in our room as I feel a little anxious about putting him in his own room, but my mum thinks that it will help him sleep better. I don't know, but I have this silly fear that someone will break into the house and I won't hear them as his room is the first room you would walk into from the lounge room and ours is up the hall (about 2 metres from DS room).

    DS started sleeping through at around 14 weeks old and I think this was because I was giving him a bottle once a day. I then cut out the bottle for certain reasons and when we moved he started waking. And has been waking since 3 months later.I find myself falling asleep sitting up with him and my shoulders are killing me. I have hardly any energy. It also might be taking its toll as I just had my period so that would take a lot of energy.

    Sorry guys, just needing to talk about it.

    It seemed as though formula helped him sleep better, I guess it takes longer to digest. I tried to give him a bottle on and off a few times the last few months and he's just not interested. He tries to drink it the way we do, ie. like a cup. Takes a sip and pushes it away, and if I let him drink it out of a sippy cup it would take forever. I have tried different teats, there is one he doesn't mind and he attaches to it for about 5 minutes but only drinks 100mls and pushes it away then won't go back on.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Gemma started waking continutally through the night at 6 months. I found it was either teething or developmental thing. As shes gotten older she still wakes every night at about 12 and its because now shes aware that shes not with us--seperation anxiety!

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    Yeah I thought it might be separation anxiety... So what do you do about it?

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    We bring Gemma into our bed when she wakes now.I try to resettle her but normally she won't resettle in her own bed so for our own sanity we bring her into our bed.

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    Kate, how did your bubba go when you put her in her own room?

    I really think the later we leave it to put DS into his own room the harder it will be for him because as he gets older he starts to realise things. I'm the one with separation anxiety.

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    Its hard being awake with our little ones isnt it. I do sympathise...I have however found the opposite to be true and have moved the kids into their own rooms when they are 2 and then had really no troubles with them whatsoever. Sammy wakes throughout the night too but its nothing that a quick breast feed and cuddle doesnt fix. Dont know if you have ever considered taking the side off your cot and having it pushed up to the bed. Its what we have done and its just fantastic. That way Sammy is able to be next to me but not squished in with us all night IFYKWIM.


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