thread: To dummy or not to dummy?

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    To dummy or not to dummy?

    My 5 week old lo loves to suck! He could be on my breast for over an hour if he had his way. He then chucks up all the milk he didn't need. I have recently given him a dummy, which i was against and he loves it. I hate seeing it in his mouth and feel guilty but it works a treat. Previously he would cry and cry after I took him off the breast now he sucks for 15-20 mins and spits it out. Any suggestions, hints, tips to ensure he doesn't become dependant on it?

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    Feb 2004

    Zander isn't dependant on his, but he does have it from time to time. Most nights he'll go to bed without it, but sometimes he wants it.

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    Pam21 Guest

    Same with Tahlia. She usually only really wants it when she gets a bit unsettled late afternoon/early evening. Sometimes if she is really grizzly she needs it to go to sleep.

    I remember somebody told me that you should try to wean them off it before 6 months because apparently it will be harder after that time?

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    May 2004

    We gave Nicholas a dummy when he was a baby. Bon't feel guilty in giving them one as if it soothes them, then great. I am sure you will find one day that he will just decide he doesn't want it anymore. Nicholas doens't have his anymore, he spat it oneday and I never bothered to give it to him again.

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    Feb 2004

    Oh yeah, just wanted to let you know that alot of people do the "give the dummy to santa/easter bunny" thing with great success if they still have it when they're older....

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    May 2004
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    I never wanted a dummy for Hannah either but found it helped soothe her when she had colic. I console myself with the fact that the MW told us that a UK study had been done that found babies with dummies had less risk of SIDS. #-o

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    May 2004
    Scarborough, QLD

    I never wanted a dummy for Hannah either but found it helped soothe her when she had colic. I console myself with the fact that the MW told us that a UK study had been done that found babies with dummies had less risk of SIDS LOL!

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    I heard a trick for those wanting to get rid of the dummy... apparently if you snip a little off the end of the teat, they soon get sick of it as it doesn't give that satisfying sucking feeling anymore
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    Aug 2003
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    I never wanted Alana to have a dummy either, but at 3 days old she had one! She loves her Dum Dum as we call it. Actually we tease her alot with, by pulling it out of her mouth and pretending we can't get it in her mouth. She screams with laughter. We generally only give her her dummy now for bed (which usually she pulls out anyway) and when she has her physio. I don't care anymore. Whatever makes her happy. If Alana could she would have her dum dum and both fist shoved in her mouth! LOL!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Are dummies really so bad? I don't think you should feel guilty - esp. if it's a source of comfort for her. Most kids I know stop using their dummy when they are ready. Sometimes it's a matter of, when they are getting too old for it, just not buying replacements. Their dummy soon gets old and they don't like it any more.
    Gabby had a dummy on day 2 because all she wanted to do was suck. She doesn't have it all the time (and Daddy is more inclined to give it to her than I am) but I would rather her be dependent on that than screaming all the time or sucking her thumb.

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    Aug 2004

    We lasted til about 3 weeks before giving in. I had a cracked nipple, and she sucks anything you put in her mouth, including nipples.... so I decided a dummy was far better than making my nipples worse.
    The only thing I dont like about them is how they look - there is nothing worse than a gorgeous little baby with a dummy in its mouth, but when it calms her, what can you do right?
    Shane calls them golly-gollys cause he reckons thats what noise they make in her mouth when she is sucking it.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    LOL Shane is such a dag! It's a cute name for them tho.
    My step-sister calls them "Binkies" cos she is American. I think that is so much cuter than "dummy".

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    May 2004

    Kimberley had a dummy and still does.
    Alexander does not want one at the moment but if he needs one then i have no problem giving one to him if it helps him and me get some sleep.

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    Big dummy lover here lol

    my first only had a dummy until around 7mths she chucked it out the cot one day and i threw it away. my ds who is now 5 i am ashamed to admit only gave his dummy to santa this last christmas gone - we had a lot of stuff happen in our life over the last few yaers and this was a comfort thing for him - he only ever had it when tired and in bed.

    lani has had a dummy also from day 1 and i don't take it out with me, unless i know that if i am out when she is due for a sleep - i don't let her play or crawl with it, so basically she only has it when she is sleeping.

    my theory on the old dummy is bugger it if they want it give it, mind you i cannot stand older kids walking around with them in their gobs (but at home if they are tired or sick) and to help them sleep then why not, believe me i don't think they will be having a dummy when they are 21 lol.

    everyone is dependant on something including babies and young children, i say whatever gives them comfort and security is great and why should it be taken away.

    anyway off my soapbox now lol

    bye bye

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    Jul 2004
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    Ok here's my non-parental opinion.

    My 2 brothers are significantly younger than me, and i remember both of their childhoods clearly.

    Both had dummies, both weened off them perfectly fine.

    neither of them have 'issues', or problems with their teeth, or anything else the 'experts' have started to claim over the years.

    I cant see the isuue with them myself. If the child needs comfort, then give it.

    Also my two neices were given dummies...and they are perfectly weened, adjusted little girls.

    I seriously believe the 'experts' may be going a little too far with some of their supposed research etc. (discluding anything medical and lifesaving of course).

    We probably ALL had dummies or some pacifier of some sort...and look at us!

    *off soapbox too*