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    Hi all,

    I have a 4 mths old who loves his dummy although as he's now not enjoying being wrapped he's constantly knocking it out and waking up, hence I need to get rid of it...arghh

    Does anyone have any experience in dummy weaning, if so I would love to learn some techniques?


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    Kaitlyn is still in love with her dummy and I must admit some nights we do have to go in a few times to replace it ...But I figure she is only this young once and as she goes to daycare it gives her comfort at naptime there....she only has it during nap time though :-)

    I have heard though that it is a case of comforting in otherways perhaps tapping and comforting . I hope someone with experiance can answer your questiong ...good luck.

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    Sorry Im no use. DD1 was three years old and got sick, had to get rid of it (ulcers in mouth) and DD2 is now 17 months no sign of losing it. I actually would be lost without it, both my girls get/got very easily bored in pram and car so it's a bit of a help. So I will be starting my own thread soon enough on how to get rid of it! I guess I'll just stop giving it to her at all during the day.
    for a young one, I know I tried with coco when she was about 6 months. She went two weeks without it, but it was difficult. I just went cold turkey. She was right in a couple of days. I did go back to it though, so again sorry Im not much use xoxo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mads View Post
    You may not need to wean from the dummy just yet... We stopped wrapping Freya at 6 months, and straight away she was able to find her dummy in her cot and put it back in during the night if it fell out...
    I agree. My son decided at about 4-5 months that he hated his arms being wrapped in, so I started to wrap his body but wit both arms out, and then put him in a grobag not long after.

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