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    Hi ds is 6 half mnths.. i put him to bed appr 7pm, and dremfeed between 10-11.. all up he has about 900mls for the day & 3 solid meals.. everyday though he is awake, i am sure out of pure habit between 4- 5am.. and sometimes just wont get back to sleep.. this morning i managed to get him back to sleep, but only til 5.50am.. anyone else have early risers.. as he gets up so early, it s along day,and he is very cranky by the end fo the day.. could he be cold.. also he is wet thru and always has done a poo, could this also be waking him,.,, he sleeps in a sleeping bag, and has a fair bit of clothing on underneath.,. it has to be a habit thing though.. any suggestions? also has morn and lunch sleep of appr 1.5hrs @. sometimes longer, then i will try and get him to ahve a late arvo catnap as if i dont he is feral by 6pm, and it is hard to keep him happy.. occasionally he will do a catnap during the day and not a long sleep, but not always...

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    Same here Both my kids are up at the crack of dawn. 6.30 is a sleep in for DD.
    With your little one if he's waking up pooey I think that could definitely be the problem but there's not much you can do about changing his bowel habits is there LOL. If you change his nappy after dream feed would that wake him? That may at least mean he's not soaked in the morning.
    My little fella wakes up at about 5am as well but he'll usually go back to sleep after a feed. If not I put him in bed with me and that works. But we only get to snooze until miss emily wakes up and that's usually around 6, if not before. I've basically resigned myself to never sleeping in again.
    Sorry I'm not much help either!

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    Sorry maggie - no suggestions but wanted to let you know we are having the same issues.
    DS has had LOTS of sleep issues. Things getting slowly better but now we have the 4-5 am wake up too. Last fee would be around 12.30-1am so I am happy to give another but he will not resettle. takes me 1.5-2hrs by which time i am resigened to just staying up and at least having shower etc before he wakes again by 6.30-7am I also bring him into bed for the feed but only occasionaly works to get him to sleep. Most times he just kicks me and figits!!
    I have only recently moved him into a cot. He was co-sleeping with us all night prior although this didn't guarantee a good night either.
    I would love to know if you have a solution!

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    Cooper sleeps from about 6.30 pm to 5.00 am. That's his usual. But recently he's waking even earlier - 4.00 am or 4.30 am.

    And these are for feeds too. I can't re-settle him.

    I always put us both back to bed though and he then sleeps until around 7.00 am. Although this morning he woke at 4.30 am and wouldn't go back to sleep!!! Agghh! That's not normal for him though.

    I wish he would sleep until at least 6.00 am - I would be happy with that. Happy to get up and start the day at that time too.

    I'm sure he's warm enough. I once read that babies who wake at 5.00 am, wake because they are cold. I think it was a Tizzie Hall article about getting your baby to sleep from 7pm-7am. Anyway it's not cold - I'm sure of it! And it's got nothing to do with being light or dark either. And I've tried putting Cooper to bed later. Nothing makes a difference. He'll always wake at 5.00 am - pretty much on the dot.

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