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    Hey there,

    I live no where near any baby shops. Both the target and Kmart in my area dont stock baby products. I could drive 2 hours to get some things, but the problem is I can't afford it straight up and obviously can't layby at that distance. Both times before, I got everything I did from layby, but it's not an option this time

    BUT this time around, there is this whole new world I havent' discovered before called EBAY

    I like the new furniture on there, most particularly the BUGATTI portable unit which is a porta cot, bassinette, changetable in one. The deliver and sell for around $100 in the end which is well within my reach and I was thinking of this instead of buying a separate bassinette for now which is in a way a waste of money for 3 months. I can then use the portacot later on for whatever and the changetable as well. I will be purchasing a cot after the baby is born when I can afford it with the baby bonus along with other essentials I don't need straight away (surprise baby this time!)

    Problem is, I dont know how to find out if they are of Australian there even australian standards for porta products? Has anyone purchased this product? The people selling them are big factory sellers so it's just not that easy to ask.

    I'd love any feedback with this, and any experiences in general about purchasing new products from ebay from factory outlets?


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    Not sure about these products, but just wanted to say that both my local Target and K-Mart will accept layby over the phone... maybe the ones closet to you do as well.

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    If you google Australian safety standards or something similar, I'm sure you'll find details. Some company got fined nearly $1m the other day because it was falsely advertising its products as safety standard approved...the full article can be found online on The Age...

    " A VICTORIAN company that supplied dangerous baby walkers and cots has gone out of business after being fined $860,000 for breaching national safety standards.
    Baby walkers sold by Skippy Australia lacked the braking mechanism required to prevent their falling down steps or stairs and lacked mandatory warning labels. The Sunday Age series found that safety standards did little to protect people from companies that dumped dangerous imported products on the market. Skippy Australia's cots and walkers were imported from China.

    Unlike most other nursery products, which are covered by voluntary safety standards, cots and baby walkers are covered by mandatory safety standards.

    Skippy Australia, which was incorporated in December 2004, supplied nursery products nationally from its Cheltenham warehouse, as well as from a website and the eBay auction site. Its directors were Artour Balaiants and Boris Seroshtan."

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