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    can heat cause a flare up of eczma. DD looks as if she has eczma crossed with heat rash on her neck area.

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    how old is dd?? Asha has a rash atm that looks like that but we took her to the go and its actually milli or whats commonly known as milk rash mixed with heat rash... especially considering its on the neck area i would think it was just a heat rash rather than eczema but if you are unsire or worried see your gp...

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    she is 15months so i dont think it would be millia. (though she did get that as a baby). well she has had eczema before though usually flares up occur whith soaps, sunscreen, i suspect dairy, all of which have been eliminated from her diet. so as it is hot and sticky i was wondering if it could be related to that? dunno what else it could be.

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    I had bad eczema from about 3months on & heat often would make it worse. Not sure if this is whats happening, but could possible be the cause.

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