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Thread: By Far the Worst Habit YET!!!

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    Default By Far the Worst Habit YET!!!

    Hi there All

    Brodie has decided in the last 3 days that he doesn't want to sleep in his cot at night.

    He has been waking around 1am screaming and won't settle unless it's in my arms.

    He falls asleep pretty much straight away but as soon as I place him back into his cot he screams blue murder.

    I have tried to soothe him in the cot -dummy, bonjella, light taps, music etc - i have tried it all - unfortunately the only thing that works is if he sleeps with me.

    I end up sleeping with him on a mattress on the floor in his room and my biggest concern is that this is becoming a BAD HABIT!!! - I want to sleep in my own bed

    So I suppose what I'm wondering is has anyone been through this and what did you do to stop it??

    He is teething again and this little boy suffers very badly - let's just say we ended up in hopsital last time he was teething with a 40+ fever- the doctors couldn't work out what was wrong with him and low and behold a tooth popped out the next day and he was all fine - however he teeths for ages before the tooth finally makes it the surface - so spending sleepless nights on the floor in his room really isn't my preferred option.

    Does anyone have any tried and tested methods?? I'm getting desperate now

    thanks in advance - i'm prepared to try anything

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    id say its the teething and even separation anxiety starting.
    personally i co-sleep as i believe it is good for them, so my suggestion is that can you sneak away to your bed once he is asleep?? maybe put the matress in your room so you hear him if he re-wakes?

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    Dianna - we're going through EXACTLY the same thing! But we're happy for Tallon to sleep with us when he's like this. He's just cut 3 new teeth, and another is on it's way. Poor little man is so unsettled at night with it. You wouldn't know it through the day tho. But once the 3 teeth cut through, he was fine, and slept in his cot for a few nights, and for hours too! But now this new tooth is pushing it's way out, he was back in our bed last night.

    It hasn't been habit forming for us, and I think it's only fair that we comfort them when they're going through such a horrible time as teething etc. Just go with it for now, if he feels nice and secure knowing you're there for him when his teeth are hurting, he'll be happy to go back to his cot when he feels better.

    Hope it doesn't go on too long for you both.

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    Milo does it when he is sick or teething. Other than that hes an excellent sleeper, so when it happens, something is usually up. The last 2 times it was an ear infection, so now if he has unsettled sleep for more than 2 consecutive days we go to the doctor

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    Oh god ... I know how you feel!

    Jovi started this when DH went in to hospital. She usually has little "terrors" (as I like to call them) and usually you just put the dummy back in and she goes back to sleep. When DH when into hospital and then when he came home I got sick of getting up to her and put her in our bed (usually around 4 am or so which isn't too bad).

    But now she's getting over a cold, an ear infection and is teething a bit (though those little chompers just don't want to come through!) and she's a shocker! Plus now I'm back at work again (fulltime) after having a whole month off with her and she won't sleep for DH during the day. Just little 10 minute naps. Waits for me to get home at lunch and straight to sleep! little bugger.

    I usually put her in our bed at night when she wakes and just won't go back to sleep there ... mainly cos I have to get up at 6 and try to get to work by 7 (to catch up on some lost hours from taking DH to physio 2x a week) so I'm certainly in no mood in the wee hours of the morning to try and get her back to sleep in her bed ... straight in with me and she passes out again the little bugger.

    I'm tired enough as it is and whatever works i say do it (though don't tell my mum ... lol)

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    heheh sounds like me! . Also working 4days so I am getting to the "whatever makes us all happy" stage. Kaitlyn usually sleeps through with a couple of wakes in search of her dummy. But sometimes she wakes at 3am and wont go back to sleep or is still tired after her 5amish feed so we stay in our bed and sleep ...soooo nice! And she will sleep for ages as she wakes sees us and falls back to sleep.

    I say go with whatever works for you is such a short time in their lives !. And all habits can be broken I guess.

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