thread: Favouring one side of head?

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    Favouring one side of head?

    Yup I have more questions for all you lovely and knowledgable ladies Sorry but at this point I trust all of you much more than any of the nurses I have found around here!!

    So anyway, I have noticed Josh always sleeps with his head to one side...even awake he favours that side. So Im a little worried that ths will affect his neck muscles and possibly flat spots on his head! Should I be proping his head somehow during his daytime naps (only while I can keep an eye on him) Or am I just playing paranoid Mum at this stage???

    Thanks heaps

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    It is normal for bubs to favour one side - if youre worried you could put a clean washcloth under the shoulder of the side she favours which can encourage her to turn her head.

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    Baby Chiropractor!

    Mitch had a very stiff neck so I took him along to my chiro (who worked wonders when I was preg), it was amazing. She 'flicked' 2 or three spots on his lower back through his nappy, fiddled with his legs to check and he could move his head easily right from side to side immeadiatley!

    They can often be a bit squished after being born, and a gentle manipulation can work wonders!

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    Same here, baby chiro corrected this for DS as well. He was a few weeks old when we started taking him.

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    Thanks heaps guys I will give those suggestions a go and talk to my chiro...didnt even think of mentioning it to him!!!

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    my ds had a head tilt we saw osteopath and physio all good now.

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    OMG, I just replied to your other post and I swear our little ones are doing the same thing. Lirri really favoured one side.

    Everything was head to the same side - sleeping, playing on back, when she got a bit older under the activity mat - always the same side. She could turn her head with no problems but just never did, this went on for weeks and weeks, finally I said something to the MCHN and they said well the physio is coming next week, ask them, and guess what the next day she started using the other side. Now I started Mothers Group at 10 weeks so this was going on one sided till about 12 weeks. I did start putting her to sleep with her head facing the opposite way but when i went back in she had turned it back the other way. She had no problems at all at 16 weeks.