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Thread: Feed, Sleep, Play routine

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    We seem to have gotten into this 'routine' . Ned seems to be happiest to feed (BF) and fall asleep rather than just as he is waking up (he gets too distracted particularly if Lucie is running around). Just after some reassurance that this is ok from others that do it........oh and what do you do with burping if they fall asleep, just put them down? I sometimes gently try to burp but usually he'll wake up with a cry, basically saying 'just put me down mum, I'm tired!'

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    I think if they seem happy then it's ok.
    Sometimes with William's last feed he falls asleep and doesn't burp. I figure if he had a windy pain to get out then he wouldn't be asleep.

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    Just go with the flow I say I so hear you on the distraction of #1 running around!! Poor Hamish often opens his eyes as soon as Jenna comes in the room. Probably in terror
    I can't put Hamish down wihtout burping him as he ends up with major windy pains about 3-5hrs later, so I'm afraid we are a stay up until the noise happens. But I find if I move around a little and try some different positions I can usually get the burp up without waking him.

    But yeah - I reckon you are at the age where burping isn't so crucial anymore.

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