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    Our DS will be 5 months next week and I want to keep exclusively BF him until 6 months before starting solids. My questions are:
    1. When you start solids, do you have to start with rice cereal and do you need to sterilise the eating equipment or is washing it in hot soapy water okay?
    2. When do you start giving your baby water from a sippy cup and does it have to be cooled boiled water (and for how long) and do you need to sterilise the cup?
    3. Do you give them solids and then BF them straight after for the meal?
    4. What time of day do you give them their first go at solids?
    5. When do you give them 2 solids feeds per day?
    Any answers would be appreciated

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    1. They suggest rice cereal to begin with, however some babies just don't like the taste. See how that goes for a few days, if he doesn't like it, you can put puree fruit/vegies in it. I personally would sterilise everything.
    2. I started giving Nina water from a sippy cup at 4 months. She'll only have 5-10ml, so not much at all, but it's just mainly to get used to it instead of a bottle. And I sterelise the cup after each use.
    3. I think so. They're only having a small amount of food.
    4. I think mid morning, that way if they have a reaction to it, or it doesn't agree with them, you can sort it out during the day, rather than having a long night with him. I think you should give it to him the same time each day to begin with.
    5. Wait until you feel satisfied he hasn't had a reaction to it, and that it agrees with him. This could be a week or two.


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    1. We started with rice cereal but you don't have to. You can start with something else if you want, preferably something that's not a big allergy risk. Apparently pureed pears are also a good thing to start on as far as that goes. We just did the really hot soapy wash thing. We didn't bother with sterilising once K started rolling around all over the floor and putting everything (including the cats' tails!) in his mouth LOL.

    2. We used cooled, boiled, & filtered water (but our water quality's not that great) so we filter anyway. Again, we didn't sterilise the cup but Kynan didn't start having water in a sippy cup until 6m+.

    3. BF first. In the early stages milk is still the most important part of their diet. At that stage solids are only really there to start getting them used to various flavours, textures etc. We would give solids maybe an hour or so after a BF. That way he didn't have to try and cope with something so strange & new when he was really hungry but he wasn't so full that he wouldn't even want to try it.

    4. Yep, around mid-morning is a good time to start with.

    5. I'd wait at least a couple of weeks.

    Good luck!
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