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    Chloe is now almost 14 months old and we are experiencing the 'joys' of her first cold. Just wondering if anyone has any useful tips on how to survive - both for Chloe and myself!
    Also can I use Dimetapp with any other medications such as bonjela or panadol? (I don't think I can but just thought I'd ask!)

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    Not sure about what to use with dimetapp. Check with a chemist or Dr, but usually panadol is ok with most things. I often use neurofen and panadol together.
    ALso a good thing for colds is fess nose drops (comes with a sucker thing to clear nose)! And we love our vapouriser here!
    Good luck and hopefully colds stay away from you! We've just come through a bout of gastro, just hoping the rest of the fam doesn't get it. I just hate any kind of illnesses, not fun. xoxo

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    I use dimetapp and panadol together, I usually give dimetapp then a couple of hours later will give panadol. The Dr gave a script for both at the same time and told us to use them both so I'm assuming it's fine. Good luck with getting better we've all got colds here at the moment it's not nice.


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