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    We just had our first CYN appt and i think it was a waste of time.
    The nurse was meant to come out before Eleanor was 10days old and i thought they weighed them to check how they was doing but when she came today she didn't bother to weigh her even after we said she had lost over 300grms since birth.\
    The nurse was more worried about me because i have had PND twice.

    When i had Alex they came out for a few days to check he was gaining weight okay.

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    Thats unusual I thought at the beginning they needed to keep close eye on weight. Is there another nurse at the centre you could see?

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    When I had Tori and the MCHN came out she told me that there is a new trend towards not weighing them but she stil liked to bring out the scales because it help mums with new bubs relax because they could see in numbers that the baby was doing ok.

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