thread: first time leaving?

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    Dec 2006

    first time leaving?

    hi everyone tommorow i need to go to the doctor and i dont want to take DS so i have organised him to stay with my inlaws while i go. problem is i have kinda forced myself into leaving him and now i dont want to do it
    I am happy to leave him with DH any time and am confident with him giving DS a bottle etc but i don't like the idea of anyone else doing it. Am i crazy?
    Also will it be better if i take DS to their house or get them to come to my house? Im only going to be gone for about an hour!
    Is it better if i just bite the bullet? Does it get easier after leaving them for the first time or am i going to be this crazy forever.
    Thanks for any input........ i had no idea parenting would be this stressful!

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    Jan 2007

    Oooh hun the first time I went out alone for a hour I called home 3 times.It is perfectly normal to feel like this and and I think it definately gets easier - last week I went 2 hours and only called home twice!

    I think if you are only going for an hour then do it - you might be surprised and it is a nice way to ease into leaving him for other times that you might need a break. I prefer Izzy to be in her own environment IYKWIM, as if Im not there plus shes away from her cot and house then it might stress her too She would probably love it at my mums but I tell myself its better here! Good luck and I hope you are ok!

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    I was also like that when I first left Ash. I kept worrying if she was coping without me and feeling as though I'd just abandoned her!
    Yes it does get easier, after a few times you begin to realise that they are fine with others and we are the ones that are upset and stressed not them.
    I do prefer if Ash can be looked after at home but can't always be the case. I think it was more in those first few months that she was hard to settle so if she needed a sleep in my absence I wanted her to be in her own environment.

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