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    Question Flat spot

    I was just wondering if any of your babies ever got a flat spot on their head??

    Chelsea seems to favour her left side and now its bit flat. She hates having to turn her head to the right!! Im going to get it checked out tomorrow with my health nurse, and i also have a doctors appointment on Thursday so ill see we Gp says....

    Just wanted to know how u corrected the problem etc..

    Few ladies have suggested a couple of things in my buddies group.... but still not working!!

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    charlie had a huge flat spot on the back of his head and he was actually going bald there - i took him to the Chiropractor and he did something and it gradually comae back out - over a week or so- now he has a perfectly round head

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    Our paed said our DS was favouring his right side fairly early on (he had bad jaundice which lasted 3 months and was seeing a paed when he was quite young). He told us to encourage Lincoln to turn to the left as much as possible and to hold him more on that side when putting him to sleep. It seemed to work as now he has no favourite side and we've avoided a flat spot. My sister (who's a midwife) said it can correct itself later on though.

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    Kim I don't believe this is uncommon, I know it's more common in premmies. We used to prop babies head up so they couldn't turn onto the flat side. Not sure how this practice goes in real life as obviously being in the nursery we were always observing the baby so there was no risk of it wiggling under what we had propped it up with and suffocating. Probably not much help, sorry.

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