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Thread: Flying internationally after birth

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    Zalibah Guest

    Default Flying internationally after birth

    Hi Everyone!
    Am looking for advice on when one should consider flying internationally with a newborn??? My sister in law wants to plan her wedding for this year and needs to know when we may be able to fly to London after our early September due date.
    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
    Z x

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    Colleen Guest


    hi Zalibah,

    I havent personally flown O/S but we did take Jaykob on a 5hour flight interstate at almost 4 weeks and he was fine. Basically my MCHN just suggested feeding on take off and landing as the sucking prevents any pressure in the ears.

    I was petrified of taking him on there, but he slept the whole time, the noise is so constant and dull that it sends them off I think, There is a change table on board most flights (or maybe all) and on my flight it was in the mens toilets (i didnt think of looking there ! lol ) and so i struggled around in the womens with a blanket over the toilet seat LOL not easy.

    You can also take as much baby gear as you like interstate, you might need to check on international.

    Good Luck and hope you have a great time


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    I took Maddison to Bali when she was 9wks old! We stayed for 3 months & both times she slept through the whole flight!!
    Also she was fed at taking off & landing as the sucking stops their ears from hurting! They may need more fluids during flight, but I found Maddy was thirstier about an hour after flight!

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